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Caitlyn Barhorst

Project Manager & Historic Preservation Specialist

(801) 633-5273

Caitlyn graduated from Texas Tech University with their undergraduate degree in Architecture and from Ball State University with their Master's of Architecture and Master's of Science in Historic Preservation. Caitlyn started their architectural career with Darin Marino at Raw Design in 2020, and has been with Uncommon Architects since the company was founded in 2023.

Caitlyn jokingly calls themself a “cursed creative” and is constantly on the search for new artistic mediums to explore. With an art business on the side, they constantly work on new commissioned pieces and sell at local Utah craft shows. When not creating, Caitlyn is cuddling on the couch watching true crime with their 12-year-old pup Kipper or restoring their historic home.

Caitlyn Barhorst
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